Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything is good! Anyway, today I want to share with you a basic and simple outfit of the day. My kind of uniform usually goes from a t shirt and jeans to jeans and a t shirt, so unique, I know!

Here in Italy during the autumn season it’s still pretty warm during the day and it’s definitely get chilly in the evening so the key word is good basic and layers. Today I’m going to a class and since it’s Friday I just want to keep it super comfy.

Comfy and Cosy thin jumper to keep you warm but not too much, love the light beige and the v line.

I don’t mind a little lingerie sneaking out.
I just love a white sock and a man shoe, ugly but so cool!

Anyway guys, sorry for the shitty photo, I hope I’ll get better soon. Thanks for reading! See you soon folks https://m.zara.com/it/it/maglia-tatto-morbido-p05093458.html?v1=24760293&v2=1281565




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