Hello everybody, well I guess it’s officially autumn and that means I can no longer hide the fact that I’m a witch (never underestimate the power of a W) and also that my skin it’s screaming for some hydration after those hot months and rays of sun. Enough rumble I’m thrilled to tell you about probably the best serum I’ve ever used, the drunk elephant acid ialuronic serum. I’m telling you guys, the texture it’s impecable, it’s so light and it dry out so fast on your skin which is something I love in a product cause “ain’t nobody got time for that” if you know what I mean. Anyway that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, cause sometimes I think we are drown to think that if something it’s so thin and airy it’s not gonna be good and effective. Well with this serum my friend, the key word is little by little every day. Actually that is not a word by you get what I mean. At the beginning I was using two pomps and not exfoliation enough and I wasn’t notice any improvement in my skins texture. The changes happened when I finally stopped abusing and focused on the constant day by day little use. I know that I’m not telling anything news to you guys but it was making al the difference.

Ring https://www.daisyjewellery.com/collections/estee-lalonde#show=110

Well I guess that is for today and I know it’s not the most cheap product on the market but I’ve learned that if there’s one thing in which we should not be afraid of investing in, it’s skincare.

See you soon folks!

Serum https://www.drunkelephant.com/collections/serums/products/b-hydra-intensive-hydration-serum

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